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August 7th, 2013

Blow-Out Sale!
This Weekend ONLY
(8/10 & 8/11)

Pay-What-You-Can on all Annuals!
50% OFF on Perennials
50% OFF  Select  Shrubs
50% OFF Select Pottery
50% OFF Select Trees
Help Us Clean Up for FALL!
We will be closed
Aug. 19th – Sept. 2nd
We will stay open from 4-7:30 on Thursdays for CSA, propane, etc.!

We will re-open on Sept. 3rd!

The above are glass flowers made by a local artist named Tim DeVenney.  They’re on sale at OLD CITY Farm and Guild right now!

Have any questions whi
le we’re on our break?

Give us a call 202.412.2489
Or email us


Thanks and See you Soon!


June 19th, 2013

Greeting Fellow Gardeners!
We’ve got lots of edible, ornamental, medicinal, native, and just plain old awesome plants for sale at OLD CITY Farm and Guild…
So stop by, say hello, and take a look around!

Do you love

skateboarding, film, art, and empowering kids?

Than this event is for you!

Skate Girls Tribe is sponsoring a Skateistan night at Old City Farm which is shaping up to be an amazing night of fun and creativity!!

Check out the Facebook event here!

And for more info, check out an article about the event and it’s sponsors!
Check out the article here!

Save Rock Creek Park Trees!



Join Rock Creek Conservancy volunteers and the National Park Service to save park trees from the chokehold of English ivy, an invasive vine that grows up tree trunks and will eventually weaken and kill the tree.


Volunteers will cut ivy from tree trunks using hand tools. Tools, gloves, and training on how to identify and cut English ivy will be provided.  Ages 16 and up to use tools.

Saturday, June 22, from
9:30 to 11:30 am
Click HERE to register!
(It’s free!)

Words of the Week 

“As people alive today, we must consider future generations: A clean environment is a human right like any other. It is therefore part of our responsibility toward others to ensure that the world we pass on is as healthy, if not healthier, than we found it”
His Holiness
The Dalai Lama

April 18th, 2013

The plants are loving this rainy Thursday morning,
in the Nations Capital!



 Speaking of plants, you need
to check out our diverse selection!

 In addition to our magnificent selection of ornamental plants for your garden, we are living true to our word, and expanding our selection of edible and native plants!

We’ve got a huge selection of herbs and veggies,
and we’ve got a truckload of fruit trees, and tons of natives are on their way!


Blueberries, asparagus, tomatoes, basil, zinnias, pansies, begonias, Japanese maples, organic compost, perennials for the sun & shade, pottery and much much more….

LIKE, local, organic compost and potting soil from
Chesapeake Compost Works
(Frank is thrilled about that!)

You NAME it, we’ve GOT it!

(And if we don’t, we’d be happy to try and order it for you!) 




Words of the Week
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
1850 – 1919

I am the voice of the voiceless;
Through me the dumb shall speak,
Till the deaf world’s ear be made to hear
The wrongs of the wordless weak.

From street, from cage and from kennel,
From stable and zoo, the wail
Of my tortured kin proclaims the sin
Of the mighty against the frail.

Oh, shame on the mothers of mortals,
Who have not stopped to teach
Of the sorrow that lies in dear, dumb eyes,
The sorrow that has no speech.

The same force formed the sparrow
That fashioned man the king;
The God of the whole gave a spark of soul
To furred and to feathered thing.

And I am my brother’s keeper,
And I will fight his fight,
And speak the word for beast and bird,
Till the world shall set things right.


Fall is Here!

Fall is Here - Old City GreenGreetings!

This group of COLE CROPS, which includes most veggies in the Brassica family, also sometimes called “Cold Crops” enjoy cool seasons and are somewhat cold tolerant. Cabbage for instance can withstand frost down to 20 degrees or even 15 degrees F. Cauliflower and chard are more sensitive to cold than broccoli, collards, kale, kohlrabi, or mustard.

Fall is Here – Come Visit!

41 days and counting…

Fall Has Arrived!
The Autumnal Equinox is on
Saturday, September 22nd

Come by this weekend!

Dear (Contact First Name),




OLD CITY green
NeedsYour Support!

And in return we’ll give you 

Another weekend of incredible sales!

Chase Bank and Living Social are offering up to 12 $250,000 Grants to small businesses around the country.  Our application is in and in order to be eligible we need 250 votes by June 30th!

To help show your support and give

OLD CITY green your vote…

Simply follow this link

Log-in to your Facebook account on the

right hand side

(“Login & Support”) to vote!




We will be closed on July 4th

Enjoy the fireworks! 




Next up on the calendar as of now,
Is the Edible Urban Garden Tour!
Do you have a urban vegetable/herb/fruit/etc garden??
Contribute to the tour by being part of it!
For more info on how to be involved
Please send an email to

2nd Edible Urban Garden Tour
July 17th

Greening DC One Garden at a Time is the theme for this year’s tour as part of Eat Local First week. Join us for guerrilla gardening (learn how to make a seed bomb), a tour of some of DC’s best public and private sustainable gardens, and a festive gathering at
with food, cocktails and music by the


Special Dog-Days Movie Night w/ Wagtime   

Celebrating the Dog Days of Summer 


And more to come so stay tuned!! 



Check out our
Words of the Week! 






Come celebrate a Night in the Garden with

Special Agent Galactica!

Buy Your Tickets Here!

Galactica has been performing in the area for over 9 years and for the last two has branched out into live singing (from critically acclaimed lip-sync shows). She performs now every 2nd and 4th Friday from 6-9 at the local Jazz Club Black Fox Lounge with a trio of highly talented jazz musicians.

Special Agent Galactica and her Very-Sexy-Cute-Boy Jazz Trio will perform two 40 minutes sets – a full concert – outdoors, under the stars and among the flowers and plants.

There will be lite fare catered by Patrick Vanas Events, and drinks provided thanks to the generosity of Bill!Vino. The admission to the event is $20 dollars if purchased online and $25 if purchased at the gate the night of the show.

We will be raising funds for Metro Teen AIDS, a community health organization dedicated to supporting young people in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Through education, support, and advocacy, MTA works to prevent the spread of HIV, promote responsible decision making, and improve the quality of life for young people infected with, or affected by, HIV/AIDS.

Come spend a night in the garden; a highly entertaining show, beautiful setting, food and drinks, and a great cause.

More info at:

For questions contact:

Cinco de Mayo Fundraiser – May 5

Come celebrate OLD CITY green’s fourth annual fundraiser roast (and, maybe our last) in the garden at 9th and N St.!

Attend Button

It’s been an amazing few years of community and neighborhood, and we want to kick off the season fiesta style!!

Local delectables will abound….

Locally raised pig roasted by a DC celebrity neighborhood chef, roast chicken with achiote provided by Seasonal Pantry, and veggie taco fixin’s made with DC grown veggies and herbs.

Cinco De Mayo 2012

Bring a Cinco de Mayo inspired dish made with your favorite local ingredients!!

Bring your friends for a fun filled night of mariachi music, delicious eats, and some great drinks to quench your thirst (think cervezas, margaritas, limeade).

All proceeds will support Wangari Gardens, a local gardening project co-founded by OLD CITY green’s very own gardener Sarah!  Check them out on facebook at

For more info, follow the RSVP link to the left.

See you there!!





Happy Earth Day!  
(Sunday April 22nd) 
“The fight for a clean environment continues in a climate of increasing urgency, as the ravages of climate change become more manifest every day.
We invite you
to be a part of Earth Day and help write many more victories and successes into our history. Discover energy you didn’t even know you had. Feel it rumble through the grassroots under your feet and the technology at your fingertips. Channel it into building a clean, healthy, diverse world for generations to come.”

Want to celebrate?  Check out our selection of perennials, annuals, edibles, and more.  Encourage your friends and family to spend the day in the dirt and connect with nature! 

Digging for OIL at  
OLD CITY green 


Prior to OLD CITY green, the lot on 9th and N used to be a gas station and car dealership.  There are still drums underneath the surface.  We have been told that the soil is “brown soil”.  This means it will have to be extracted, shipped, and disposed of at a “burning facility”

It’s 2012 and there are ways of taking
care of this problem that respect our environment!
  • Oyster Mushrooms and other varieties of fungi have been proven to break down oil and other contaminates.
  • Oil eating microbes  
  • Utilizing various vegetation to filter the soil and bring in beneficial organisms such as worms
    We think there is a greener way!

    Check out our other
    videos on the left hand side!


Thank you Shaw Main Streets

for giving us the  

*Shaw Community Partner Award*


  • Now at OLD CITY green! 
    20% OFF
     Live Lady bugs

    Praying mantis
    Did you know a single lady bug can eat up to 5,000 aphids in it’s lifetime??

    The praying mantis can turn it’s head
     300 degrees, and hunts everything from moths, aphids, mosquitoes, and more!
    (Not too mention sometimes the female will eat her partner after mating!)

    A great solution to the garden pest problem!

Help give these cute,  

beneficial critters a home!! 


  • We’re thrilled to be part of @Live Green’s  Green Rush for Earth Day this year! 
    Don’t miss this amazing scavenger hunt and the chance at $1,000 grand prize. Ticket sales end soon – get yours here
  • Wondering why the maple trees might be looking a little different this year??
    Check out this great piece by Sandy Farber, Extension educator, DC Master Gardener program coordinator at the bottom of this page!



A SEEDY START TO SPRING.  Throughout the city I have noticed a strange look and color to many maple tree canopies.  Upon closer inspection the cause is clearly due to most maples having a very seedy appearance!  Due to the incredible warm, dry weather this spring, maple flowers were fully pollinated, which in turn means every single MAPLE SAMARA or winged seed, whirligigs or maple helicopters, is currently under development.  This extreme seed load and their subsequent development and ripening, is expected to result in sparse, dinky foliage development on maple trees this spring.  Normal leaf development is slowed and reduced by the quadrillion maple seeds ripening, using most of the stored resources of the tree.  The seeds mature, turn brown and then fall off to cover every square inch of the earth, easily filling and plugging all rain gutters.  However, the anxiety is most intense after the seeds fall because there is no apparent reason for the “thinning canopy” and lack of leaves.  Many will be concerned about the overall health of their trees, while others erroneously associate heavy seed production with the last hurrah of stressed, dying trees.


Maple trees are capable of producing many seeds each year, but the limiting factor tends to be the weather, specifically those quick freezes and frosts after seed set.  Without some type of freeze or frost to kill or injure these developing seeds, the die is cast for scores of samaras to rain down from the trees.  This year just happened to be one that favored maple seed development.  Remember that heavy seed production is not necessarily a good indicator of tree health nor should it be used as an indicator of impending tree death.  It just means that well-timed freezes are needed to reduce the seed numbers, or hope for a really strong wind to blow them all to the neighbor’s yard!


By Sandy Farber, Extension educator, DC master gardener program coordinator. 







Facebook Fans – 10% Off Mulch and Shrubs

This spring and summer, like us on Facebook to get special offers from OLD CITY green!

This week and next week, Facebook fans get 10% off mulch and shrubs!