May 28th ….Week 10 of 2015

We will have the hyper local produce. We have been selling produce to Seasonal Pantry. We recently planted Thai Basil for Beau Thai. Our Italian Sweet basil is about to be harvested for Tortino.

Flannel Tie Farms, We LOVE you.
Kendell will be back this weekend.

A big shout out to DCist…Check out their link.

Mark your calendars!! 
 June 20th will be a night to be a part of when we harvest and cook vegetables grown @ OLD CITY Farm and Guild along with produce harvested from Liberty Root Farms. 
Nothing like fresh organic food and good music to raise money for a some great causes. 
This is our way of celebrating community. Check our event out on Facebook this coming weekend.  
And.. If you can’t make it, you can still support our efforts.


We have organic herbs and vegetables  


Lots of mint, thyme, rosemary, sage, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, seeds, edible shrubs (blueberries and raspberries) and fruit trees. Not to forget our pollinating perennials, colorful annuals, and shrubs for your garden and or roof top.

Time to BBQ!!! 
We are proud to say we just started our  

5th year as a host site for organic produce!! 
We were the first to bring Lancaster to Shaw.
We are proud of the Lancaster’s growth and that other sites have taken our lead.

It isn’t too late to sign up for our CSA. 


Have a special request?
Let us know.
We are happy to serve.





Stay tuned   

Saturday June 6th.   

FUNNY at the FARM.~A night of comedy. 

A night of laughs.
Take a look: 



Spring 2015 Hours. 
Tuesday-Friday 12noon-7:30 pm 
Saturday/Sunday 9am-5pm 
Monday~ CLOSED
Just so you know: If the weather is really wet or even really hot, it is best to call us before stopping in.


Throw back Thursday.
We inoculated oak logs with mushroom spores this past fall. We are keeping them moist and hoping for a fall harvest.  







 Are you looking for a place to have a party outside, with lots of plants all around?  

Look no further than the urban farm in your hood.  

We just hosted an awesome Earth Day event.
Check our Facebook for Pictures.