Week 20 Summer 2015 July 31st.



We found a big one at the farm the other day.


A Big Shout out to Beverly Jones!


Come visit Flannel Tie Farm @ 
OLD CITY Farm and Guild.
All of Flannel Tie Farm’s produce has been grown in DC.
FTF returns after Labor Day.


  OLD CITY Farm and Guild, along with Flannel Tie Farm have made arrangements to sell locally grown produce to Seasonal Pantry and Table.

OLD CITY Farm and Guild provides 

Thai Basil for Beau Thai.
Italian Sweet basil, lemon cucumbers, eggplant and heirloom tomatoes for Tortino
More to come!

Can we say HYPER LOCAL, please?





Time to BBQ!!! 
Throw back Thursday
A picture of one of our own.
Simply Lovely.

Flower on the farm   

This month we will have two full moons.
July first and July 31st. The second full moon is called a Blue Moon.

Summer Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tues-Fri 12:pm-7:30pm
Sat & Sun 9am-3pm

Closed August 23rd-September 5th.







Stay tuned for alternatives…
Solar Roof

Shade Roof
Green Roof
Water and Energy Storage and Distribution
Storm Garden Components

 and a community of people with Tiny houses….Hmm…  




Summer 2015 Hours
Just so you know: If the weather is really wet or even really hot, it is best to call us before stopping in.










 Are you looking for a place to have a party outside, with lots of plants all around?  

Look no further than the urban farm in your hood.

We have AWESOME  
night~time outdoor space.   

We just hosted an awesome Solstice Supper.
Pictures will soon be on our Facebook.