Falling is in.



  50% of perennials and selected shrubs


Pumpkin Carving on Saturday!!


BULBS ARE IN!! (Pansies and Kale, too!  



Beverly Jones and Frank Asher made a 2016 calendar. 
On Sale now!!




We started a trend…

 Seasoned Oak…All local!! 

Tiny House Concert..More concerts and tours to come.
Stay tuned!



Ever get the gardening itch?  Or feel like those fingernails need some dirt?  Maybe you just need something to do outside of the house on one of these beautiful days!  We are establishing designated Volunteer Hours here at Old City just for these occasions. Saturday mornings from 9:30-12:00. A full day to volunteer November 14th.(Special gift for your time) Come for all or part of the time; an email with your intent to come is always appreciated!


Thanksgiving is November 26th. 
Christmas Trees go one sell  
November 27th….Yes, we went there! 



Fall 2015 Hours  Starting October 6th 
Just so you know: If the weather is really wet or even really hot, it is best to call us before stopping in.  

Fall Hours: 
Monday: Closed 
Tues. through Fri 12:pm-6pm
Thursday  12pm-7:30 pm for CSA 
Sat & Sun 9am-3pm  




Need a fall clean up?
Fairies Crossing can help.
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To inspire your dreamer!




Look no further than your urban farm in your hood. 

We have AWESOME  
night~time outdoor space.   



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