Earth Day 2017

First and foremost, THANK YOU!!! 


We appreciate you supporting a
plant nursery for your gardening needs.

We are a garden center put together on a
slab of cement in front of an abandoned school.
An urban oasis created from nothing.
We have Annuals, Perennials, Herbs and a BUNCH of basil seedlings along with other herbs and vegetables.
Seeds are in, too!

We have fruit trees and edible shrubs.
Oh, and lots of pots/planters.


Come on in for some fun.
Check out the link

Our very own Farmers Market
for Shaw starts up again on
Sunday May14th.
Stay tuned…

This is our 8th year hosting.We are proud to be the first to bring Lancaster to our neighborhood.

Tell them OLD CITY Farm sent you. 

We may have a new cat in the hood.. 
Do you have rodent issues?  
This may be the way to go.
By the way, if you have a a litter box, we’d like to do an experiment. Please drop off a bag of litter. We will give you a free basil plant this weekend. 

OLD CITY Farm and Guild 

Where People and Plants~and Bees and Flowers~Come Together. 
We are happy & proud to be offering our fresh honey to the public. Several types of pollinators on our lot give our honey a special taste of its own. Buy local honey!
There are several hives in DC.

If you have allergies, we have connections. 
Local honey is great for allergies. 






Fairies Crossing is in full swing.

Send an email if you want to schedule a spring cleaning.

Email us @

“To inspire your dreamer.”


FX logo







Thinking about our bees….Always!!
We are planting milkweed this coming week for our butterflies.

All of our plants are pesticide free. 


Lady bugs and praying mantis sacks are in.



Looking ahead to what happens at the farm.
Stop in and just listen to the birds and the bees.


OLD CITY green  moved and became

OLD CITY Farm and Guild in Spring 2013
Where people and plants come together.        

We love adding life to places where nothing used to exist but cement and debris.
We took over an abandoned school 

That is how we got the name,

“The green beating HEART of Shaw”.  

Thanks, Ralph Brabham